About Us

Our mission is to protect and serve the community with honesty and integrity, enforcing the law for the safety of all citizens.

Tishomingo Police Officers

The Tishomingo Police Department protects the citizens of the City of Tishomingo. This department maintains a uniformed patrol that is staffed and equipped to perform a variety of law enforcement activities:

  • City patrols
  • First responder emergency services
  • Responding to citizen service requests
  • Traffic safety
  • Preliminary investigations
  • Crime suppression

We work hard everyday to ensure a peaceful, safe environment by safeguarding the citizens and property of our community by reducing the fear of crime and its occurrence. It is our goal to maintain the small town feel of the community, while providing effective, modern and up-to-date police services.

By implementation of these ideals within our department, we plan to maintain the public’s confidence by displaying integrity, respect, pride in service, honor and professionalism while conducting ourselves within sound ethical standards.

The City of Tishomingo is served by 7 officers who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing around the clock police protection to over 3,000 residents in our community covering 4.5 square miles. Our department headquarters is on East Main Street and operates 7 patrol service vehicles.